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The Art Of Music Supervision And Its Requirements

The art of music supervision has enhanced and made many advertisements, dialogues, movies, television plays, specials and many other venues more epic and emotionally satisfying. The talented people who pursue this occupation are inconspicuous for the most part, but their talent shines as the background music and themes thrill viewers as they listen.

A music supervisor is an individual who combines video media with music. Another, more lengthy definition could be stated as: a professional who is qualified and oversees all related music parts of film, television, advertising, video games and any other aspects of current or upcoming visual media sources.

This person has to have a vast knowledge and research capabilities of music in all forms from rock to symphony and opera, and must possess or be able to acquire a very much in depth the art of music negotiation and licensing. Previously recorded music is the usual recommendation of music to a director of a theater production, movie, or television venue. Advertisement, video games, promotions and trailers are some of the other areas that would apply as well.

The individual who is in charge of the art of music supervision is really the go-between and the chief negotiator between the spectrum of creation and the business ends of the music business. If the director approves a piece of music such as a song, or an orchestral musical score, then the publisher or artist of that music must be approached to secure the rights to use the music. The financial details are then discussed and also the arrangement and how the music will be used are discussed.

This is a very important position because the music supervisor must have great negotiating skills and superb musical acumen in order to work things out with both parties.

The scope of the use of music accompaniment in almost everything seen by the public is enormous. Everything from public events, movies, video games, theatre, television, and advertising requires the necessity for this talent. Music supervisors will work for or with networks, studios, and production companies or do work on a freelance basis.

The responsibilities of a person who practices the art of music supervision could be said to include everything in the process of securing and overseeing the addition of adding music to these venues. That is close to being the truth.

In summary the music supervisor must negotiate the contracts as previously stated, and must also create the credits to be displayed showing the artists and producers, as well as be in charge of collecting and paying royalties. The music supervisor must work within a budget, often 5% or less of the total budget for the whole project.

The background required of a successful music supervisor is daunting. He or she must have a passion for research in the musical genre. Education resulting in a bachelor of fine arts degree, coupled with business and legal education are excellent skills that would serve a music supervisor well. The key musical skills are not performing, writing and editing so much as a broad background in all types of music. Ability to research is a skill that comes to the forefront.   Skill in negotiation and interpersonal people skills are vital. If a music supervisor has a legal background  it will be a very useful skill in this profession.

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