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The Art Of Music Supervision And Its Requirements

The art of music supervision has enhanced and made many advertisements, dialogues, movies, television plays, specials and many other venues more epic and emotionally satisfying. The talented people who pursue this occupation are inconspicuous for the most part, but their talent shines as the background music and themes thrill viewers as they listen. A music [...]

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Why You Should Hire A Music Licensing Company

To most people, the term “music licensing” is related to the world of famous musicians and musical artists under the control of huge corporations. But for someone who makes their own music outside of the mainstream, music licensing companies can often be the difference between making a name for yourself, or fading into obscurity. Thanks [...]

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Tips for Music Licensing

 written by Mathew Steele Have an instrumental version of your songs available.   When in the post process the audio editor has more to work with if there is an instrumental version of the song.  Sometimes having an instrumental under the dialog of a scene makes it easier to hear the dialog.  Giving the audio [...]

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